What is it?

A new holistic exercise from New York City, Gyrokinesis training blends flexibility, strength, spinal rotation  and patterning an ease of movement through a series of exercises based in the various rotations of the spine. For both the body in rehabilitation as well as the body seeking greater ease of movement, Gyrokinesis training offers strength and  flexibility in a new, invigorating and thoughtful manner. While highly physical and filled with lush movement, Gyrokinesis exercise integrates several patterns of breathing and elements of Qi Gong practice, creating an inspired, intelligent and effective movement practice.

The Gyrokinesis method is a movement practice that gently works the entire body, opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion, and creating functional strength through rhythmic, flowing movement sequences. It is an original, and unique movement practice which has roots in Yoga, Tai Chi, gymnastics, and dance. The Gyrokinesis method is practiced in group or private classes under the instruction of a certified Gyrokinesis Trainer.

Watch Gyrokinesis here:

What is a class like?

Gyrokinesis classes are 60–75 minutes long. Each class begins on a chair with a gentle warm up sequence to awaken the senses, and stimulate the nervous system. This is followed by a series of fluid spinal motions which increase range of motion, and prepare the body to explore more complex movements with agility, and ease. Class continues on the floor with exercises that expand on the spinal motions, gradually adding more complex sequences, incorporating more movements of the hips, shoulders, hands and feet. The floor exercises are followed by a rhythmic standing sequence that incorporates balance and cardiovascular exercises; then ends with a calming, unwinding sequence designed to prepare the body and mind to reintegrate with the every day world.

Who can benefit?

Gyrokinesis classes can be adapted to fit anyone’s ability. The Gyrokinesis method is practiced by people from all walks of life, including accomplished athletes, dancers and people versed in other movement systems as well as mature movers, and people with disabilities.

How do I register?

For registration details (dates and prices) go to the Classes page. To register: